Thank you for choosing 2BusyNot2Travel for your travel needs!

2Busynot2Travel’s motto is NEVERB2BUSY2LIVE and NEVERB2BUSYNOT2TRAVEL – This is a Living this Life Movement!

2BusyNot2Travel is a subsidiary of 2bzz2 Consulting & Management LLC and the brainchild of Wanda Anderson Thomas.

2BusyNot2Travel was founded on the premise that life is worth living and no one should be too busy to stop and enjoy the fruits of life through travel filled with laughter, smiles, positive vibes, exhilarating activities, cultural education and awareness that rejuvenates the mind and body while broadening our mental capacity and connecting us to each other through exploration of this beautiful and glorious world.

2Busynot2Travel was born on October 14, 2015 at 10:37:00 PM and hit the ground running with the vision to become an A-list group travel provider of 2busy business professionals in the South Eastern United States. 

Our owner, Wanda Anderson Thomas, is a certified travel consultant, CLIA, IATA and ASTA member with a degree in Finance. Our agent is a Personal Finance Specialist, Project Management Professional (PMP), an American Society for Quality Certified Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA), a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and a respected business professional.

2BusyNot2Travel maintains aforementioned credentials and certifications along with industry knowledge and know how via continued extensive travel & project management training, seminars, mentoring sessions, site visits, cruise tours and vendor trade-shows. Our owner has over 30 years of business and customer service experience dedicated to a high level of client service demanded by busy corporate executives, emerging affluent and affluent clients that desire to assign the details to a professional while they simply reap the rewards of a well planned and executed travel and/or meeting experience. We allow our clients to focus on what is important in their daily lives and leave the planning and execution to us. Our clients have more time for teacher/parent conferences, daddy/daughter dances, little league baseball games, date nights, tennis, more vacation fun & relaxation and/or more client engagement and profitable meetings because they leave the planning and execution to us. 2BusyNot2Travel focuses on the quality of the client experience by providing the highest level of client service during the sale, during the trip experience and after the trip experience which caterers to our client demographic – we are not a drive-thru travel agency.

Our clients are hardworking and we seek to ensure you play and relax at the level your hard work deserves! Whether your need includes a girls/guys weekend, a romantic getaway, a family reunion/vacation, a company retreat, or a birthday/anniversary celebration, we have you covered.

  • 2Busynot2Travel is passionate about travel and creating lifelong travel memories that will be discussed for years to come.
  • 2Busynot2Travel is committed to providing EXCELLENCE in client service with inquiry responses provided within 24 – 48 hours.
  • 2Busynot2Travel is committed to providing a thoroughly researched travel quote with exceptional accommodations, resort/vendor client service, and available location activities, as top priorities. Our focus is the luxury experience!

2Busynot2Travel will:

  • Thoroughly research your travel request (average 2 – 4 hours spent per quote).
  • Only provide quotes for 3.5 star and above accommodations unless an exception is requested.
  • Provide 3 detailed electronic travel quotes (best, better, good) within 5 – 7 business days or less to the provided engagement email address.
  • Provide recommended “cancel for any reason” travel protection and excursions/activities.
  • Book each guest for their desired room choice based on availability.
  • Create and provide an online invoice link enabling automatic monthly payments via PayPal or Major Credit Cards for all travelers.
  • Collect payments from each guest and provide balance updates & receipts.
  • Send the registered guests payment reminders and details on their hotel accommodations and destination.
  • Manage the travel site with the booking information; including how to make payments, payment deadlines, hotel details, etc.
  • Coordinate round-trip airport transfers for each guest booking their hotel accommodations with 2Busynot2Travel.
  • Book a group flight for 10 or more people flying from the same city, otherwise, each person is responsible for booking their own flight unless prior arrangements are made.
  • Assist with any passenger or group excursions/activities.
  • Charge daily payment late fees equal to 5% of the scheduled payment for any payments not received within 5 days of the payment due date.
  • Cancel without refund travel reservations if you fail to make a payment for 30 days without any communication to us.

Food for thought:

Have you realized that the balance in your tomorrow and later account is getting close to being overdrawn with no source of additional funding? How many of your childhood friends have had their accounts closed? How many of them do you remember saying “One day I am going to….!”? Did one day ever come? Life is like a trust fund setup by your almighty father that he gave to you with a hope you’d use it wisely. He realized that you would probably squander some of that trust fund but he hoped you’d come to realize that one day the ability to cash in on that account would end and you’d use the account more wisely by realizing the true value of the gift he left you. He hoped that you’d realize that tomorrows begin to disappear and NOW would be all that’s left. He hoped you’d realize that he left a trust fund for all your friends and family and how each one chose to use it was totally up to them and that you can’t change how others used or did not use their gift – You only control your destiny. For many of us, we are still hoping that our trust fund will get a new source of funding but the reality is that there isn’t one. Your tomorrow and later account is almost empty so LIVE PEOPLE LIVE! If you wait on mamma, daddy, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc., you are going to find your account at zero with no assets of value to look back on!!

I am rich & I will be richer through living life while others sit on the sidelines watching!!




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